Carpet cleaning for health reasons

Following on from a previous article about carpet cleaning for hygienic reasons we have another article about cleaning for health reasons

There are many reasons as to why people clean the carpets of their homes and business. Perhaps the main reason is to improve the aesthetics of the property. However, did you know that carpet cleaning is about so much more than ‘good looks’? In fact, proper carpet cleaning may actually benefit your health. Let me explain.

Contrary to popular belief, the air inside of your home is a great deal more ‘polluted’ than the air outside. Just think here. The majority of people spend most of their time indoors. This means that they are spreading all sorts of bacteria. This bacterium is not just disappearing. After floating around for a little it is falling to the floor. It then becomes trapped within the fibres of the carpet. The problem is, this bacterium is incredibly difficult to remove. It latches on so tightly that even the most powerful vacuum cleaner will struggle to remove it. This bacterium will eventually become agitated enough that it will be released into the air once more. People will then breathe it in. This has the potential to cause them to become sick. To give you an idea of how long bacteria remains in the carpet for; a recent study has indicated that the norovirus (i.e. the common stomach flu) can stay latched onto the carpet for up to a month. It will be constantly multiplying during this time which means that it will technically be present for much longer. This is not going to be ideal.

It is not just about bacteria either. The most common allergy is related to ‘dust’. This dust can cause all sorts of problems. From time to time it may irritate your eyes and throat, in more severe cases it could lead to severe breathing difficulties. The longer you live in a dust filled environment the more severe the symptoms will become. Once again, the majority of the dust is not going to be floating around in the air. It is going to be tightly packed into the carpet fibres. Standard carpet cleaning (i.e. vacuuming the carpet) will remove some of it but not all of it. This dust will then be released into the air eventually causing all sorts of issues. Those that suffer from dust allergies would do well to have their carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Most sensible home owners will have their carpets cleaned once every six months or so. A business which gets a great deal more foot fall may extend to every couple of weeks. The choice is completely yours though. Just try to make sure it is done properly.

You will be surprised at just how much of a benefit regular carpet cleaning will have on your health. Just try to make sure that you utilise a company that uses ‘safe’ detergents to clean the carpets. Strong detergents can lead to a whole host of other health issues and can severely impact the lifespan of your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning process is deep hot water cleaning that helps promote a healthy living environment in your home.