Carpet Cleaning for Hygienic Reasons

do you think that your carpet is clean?

You might think that vacuuming your carpet every once in a while—or for some of us, frantically vacuuming just before guests arrive—is enough to make sure that your carpet is nice and clean. While vacuuming is an important part of  your carpet, even regular vacuuming just isn’t enough to thoroughly clean your carpet.

Think about the “daily life” of your carpet. People probably walk across your carpet wearing shoes, tracking in everything from dust and dirt to bugs or even chemicals picked up from walking across treated grass or pavement. Even walking around in your socks or bare feet doesn’t spare your carpet from accumulating dead skin cells, sweat, or—if you have pets—urine or fecal waste. Dirt, bacteria, bugs, skin cells, urine—all of this and more can become embedded and compacted deep into your carpet fibers, and no amount of vacuuming will get rid of them.

The solution to this problem? Regular carpet cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning is essential for the cleanliness of your carpet and, more importantly, the health of you and your family. A carpet cleaner will be able to reach deep into your carpet and eliminate embedded or compacted bacteria, dirt, etc.—leaving you with a clean carpet and a healthier and happier home. You could consider hiring a carpet cleaning machine to clean the carpets yourself. These machines will clean the carpets better than vacuuming but will not get the same deep clean reults that using a trained professional carpet cleaner brings Your home may be exceptionally busy (multiple kids, multiple pets, frequent tracking in of dirt, etc.) you may want to consider using the services of a professional carpet cleaning company over a domestic bought carpet cleaner or hiring a carpet cleaning from the local supermarket. Industrial equipment is even more thorough than a high quality home carpet cleaner, and your carpet will be left cleaner than ever.

The benefits of getting your carpet cleaned are not just about your carpet looking good. Though, of course, it is wonderful to see a dirty carpet looking brand new, adding light and color to your home. What is really important are the health benefits. The aforementioned dirt, dust, bugs, etc., are not just disgusting—they are potentially hazardous to your health.

Carpets are notorious for trapping unwanted pests, like bugs and bacteria. Dust mites, fungus, and even viruses can find a home in your carpet. Dust mites and their waste can cause allergic reactions, and funguses, bacteria and viruses could potentially cause some health problems in your home. If you or your family are exposed to these bacteria or viruses, there is a chance that you could become sick. And because the carpet is such an integral part of your home, people are constantly being exposed to the carpet and whatever happens to be embedded inside it. If you have small children who play on the carpet, they may be quickly exposed to unwanted material in your carpet; even pets could be potential targets for what lies inside a dirty carpet.

If your carpet is cleared regularly, however, these potentially hazardous carpet dwellers will be eradicated and your home will be cleaner and, most importantly, healthier.

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