Stain removal in carpet cleaning

The first point to bear in mind is that not all stains can be completely removed from some carpet types.

The success of complete removal of a stain on a carpet will depend on the following factors:

  • Type material used to manufacture the carpet
  • Stains on wool based carpets are generally harder to remove
  • Stains on synthetic carpets are generally easier to remove
  • The age of stain
  • Older stains are harder to remove as they become “set”
  • Whether the householder has used a carpet cleaning product on the stain
  • Type of stain

In reality carpet stain removal should be termed as carpet stain “attempted” removal as complete removal of stains can never be fully guaranteed. The chance of success can be greatly increased if the stain is dealt with promptly and the technicians doing the work are trained and confident in all aspects of stain removal techniques. Employing someone that is not fully trained can result in a poor job at best and ruin your carpet beyond repair at worst.

Sunburst carpet cleaning technicians have undergone specialist stain removal techniques and have been trained by the National Carpet Cleaners Association.