No, unfortunately we cannot. No carpet cleaner can. There are many variables that will make a stain permanent. We have attended specialist stain removal courses at the National Carpet Cleaners Association head quarters and are fully trained in advanced stain removal techniques. We are experienced in the attempted removal of stains but factors such as previous removal efforts, age of satin and carpet fibre type can impact greatly on full success of stain removal. We can advise and sometimes carry out tests to ascertain the likelihood of a stain not being removed completely before we commence cleaning. We carry a comprehensive range of specialist stain removal chemicals to give us the best chance with the complete removal of a stain.

We have in past experience had good success with the following stains:

Red Wine
Blue Tack

Some things on a wool carpet for example can be impossible to get out like:

Curry satins, turmeric is a dye and can dye the carpet fibres
Furniture dye
Fake tan

If you have a stain then give us a call for free advice.